Pain of loosing

This Pongal I happened to visit my native place, these days it is really kinda very  rare that I have visited. It so happened that my mom told me to visit this maternal uncle who has been ailing for a long time; a very gracious gentleman, selfless and (he doesnt have a penny in his bank, yet is signing sureties for helping out to the ppl around).

Haribabu Uncle as i know him and I go visiting to his place in Addanki and the next thing that they tell me while i freeze is that he has a strange disease which is not allowing him any appetite, I try convincing him and the family to let him go and visit a doctor and he just says “let It Be”.

I come back after pongal and the very next day they shift him to a hospital and things start going crazy. And the next thing I know is he is no more in a few days.

How did that happen? While I was searching online for a better treatment and running pillar to post finding out tat it’s almost death bed and the disease is some sort of Liver related thing and the doctors still trying to figure out! As a last option I reach for the guys who claim some miraculous treatment method unveiled the and even before I get across reaching the concerned doctor Uncle is no more.

Its painful, its like being hit by a boulder from behind on a rough trek, even if you are prepared for the eventuality ahead you are still shocked?! Dont know cant figure out.. still trying to….

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