My hero santosh Thati


It’s one of those times you sit and appreciate small things around you, but remarkable ones.
I was sitting with a couple of friends santosh Thati and Kavita Karanam at Ohris tan sen necklace road and we ordered some starters and then some food before ordering some nice juice and a non alcoholic beer. This friend of mine asked for water and I called for some packaged water, santosh one of them quickly quipped and asked for normal ones. I was puzzled and he quickly clarified that packaged drinking water a strict no for him. I asked if there was some principle or medical reason. He said he wasn’t that serious but he didn’t want a corporate packaged drinking water, above all which has been distilled and kills all the minerals and then adds something that we really don’t care.

I started thinking…. And really do we really need that… Artificial consumption of packaged drinking water, that kills all the minerals and useful organisms and adds artificial and dead minerals.? I wondered if we are really educated by using packaged drinking water jus coz everybody is using.

On my recent two month trip to my native village and the surrounding .. I was dumb struck by the way people were in craze for mineral water leaving the natural well water. And one day when the plant had a defect people went crazy and the plant owner had to get water from neighbouring village for double the price.
People irrespective of weather they can afford buying water are spending on water Rs. 5 for 20 liter? And if it is to be door delivered its Rs. 25 and ironically just to prove they can people want it door delivered. And just becoz the neighbours are affording they have to….!

There have sprung up a stream of water plants in memory of the dear ones… And some in business and some more in service of the people not for profit. But the craze of drinking packaged water goes on in central costal districts.
I come back to my hero santosh Thati. He is right, in more ways than he thinks. The disposable nature of the water bottles creates more plastic and more pollution. And I also remember my other hero who has been fighting for the community institutions, especially govt schools; Madhav reddy Yadma who says and I quote “if the middle class leaves the community institutions then the quality of service in them definitely falls” unquote.
He is right schools, water supply or whatever if the community models get privatised or specialised then there would be erosion in quality. The middle class is an aware and make a difference class and it is our priority to bring them back to community models. Our community water supply, community transport, community schools…. And so on….
So santosh Thati my hero …. I salute you with my whole heart and humbly promise to myself to follow your example for a green sustainable and healthy planet..

One thought on “My hero santosh Thati

  1. Santosh thati

    Bhai don’t make a hero. I
    Learnt much of things from u. Not only this brother even v r ready to spend 16 Rs or do for water bottle but v r hesitant to spend 12 or 14/- for coconut water which is much better than damn mineral water.. I salute u honestly u r my GURU.. God bless u

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