The Worst day of my Life

English: Stegomyia aegypti (formerly Aedes aeg...
English: Stegomyia aegypti (formerly Aedes aegypti) mosquito biting a human. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Name:  Mudavath Lalu
Here is the kid and in the first place he need not and he doesnt deserve to be bitten by a bloody Mosquito and the second of all damn it the Dengue?! And as if some curse has been chasing him the dengue affects his brain and its in the third stage by the time anybody of his poor parents recognise or get to their senses. How in the world could a 13 year young and amazingly talented boy get cursed to death.  And what is the world around him doing while he is struggling to death even in coma.
Just angry at myself that couldnt do enough.. for a small boy….

In his School Mudavath Lalu used to draw national leaders, his drawings are beautiful pieces. Lalu is  very good in drawing, he has a certificate in Samskritam speaking and loves playing Kabaddi, kho kho.

For a 13 year old studying 8th class he is a perfect smiling face until 4 days ago he was diagnosed with dengue affecting his lever and brain. The Banjara boy, active and participative in sports, cultural activities first in class now lay in hospital in coma.
His parents Mudavath Ramulu and Kamseli  from Palugu thanda in Nalgonda district are daily wagers with three kids Bittu, Mangamma, lalu.
Lalu lay on the hospital bed in coma awaiting his future unknowing, the doctors  have estimated that with proper treatment Lalu can come back and go to school. but that didnt happen happen?! Damnit the doctors, why cant they just bring him to life.
The Expenditure was Rs. 15,ooo/- per day is a huge thing for daily wagers like his dad Ramulu. He appealed to all of us to lend a helping hand. Till date they have already spent Rs. 60,000/- with help from good Samaritans around. and now what, the son gone and in debts????????

Who the hell ….

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