Support Sewabharati efforts in relief and rehab of #Cyclonephailin victims

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Support Sewabharathi efforts in relief and rehab of #Cyclonephailin victims

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1,000 villagers evacuated in East Singhbhum district in Jharkhand

Over 5 lakh hectares of standing crops have been destroyed by the gushing waters causing an estimated loss of Rs 2,400 crore, he said

Preliminary estimates suggest the cyclone affected 80 lakh people in Odisha, the state that bore the brunt of its fury, hitting 14,500 villages and 39 civic bodies.

In Odisha, 7,500 telephone towers have been damaged while in Andhra Pradesh the figure stood at 205.

“As per preliminary assessments about 40,000 trees were uprooted in the vicinity and operations to clear the area have started. Cooked food has been arranged for about 2,000 people sheltered in port area including employees of the port trust,”

2.4 lakh kaccha houses had been destroyed in Ganjam Dist alone

237 villages in 11 mandals of Srikakulam district, six gram panchayats and 22 hamlets in Vizianagaram district and 67 villages in 10 mandals of Visakhapatnam district were affected by the cyclone.

While nearly 45,000 electricity poles were uprooted in Srikakulam district, east coast railway (ECoR) was forced to regulate more than 40 trains passing through the mainline connecting the cyclone affected areas due to partial damage to tracks. Railway sources said the tracks on the Chennai-Howrah line were partially damaged at Naupada and Sompeta

Cyclone Phailin moves inland, flood threat in Chhattisgarh, Bihar NDTV

Bihar on alert post Cyclone Phailin Economic Times

Cyclone Phailin results in floods, two districts badly hit in Odisha (Times Of India)


Telugu Film that reached the world

A landmark in Indian cinema LAVAKUSHA celebrates, 50 years after its release it still makes news. Based on the Indian Epic ramayan, the movie has a distinct style of story telling with no commercial elements. The film a treat by itself and a must in all spiritual functions its music. The best part is the film is a 3 hour 50 min experience while the music and songs traditional opera like PADYALU are 1 hour 45 minutes speaks in it volumes of the movie. And the best part is people adore Lord Rama and even today when the protaganist appears on screen he is showered with flowers.

The most amazing part is it is the only film to have been screened for 500 days

The other notable and amazing thing is in 1963 march (29) when the film was released the population of Andhra Pradesh was 3 crores and the film earned 1 crore INR and this when the cost of the ticket was from 25 paise to 1 INR.


Colourful Bonalu in Telangana

Image via Wikipedia

COLOURFUL FINALE: A procession being taken out from Akkanna Madanna temple to Afzalgunj during Bonalu festival in Old City on Monday


Women offer ‘bonam’ to Goddess in vessels embellished with turmeric, neem leaves (Source: The Hindu)

Bonalu is an eleven day traditional Hindu folk festival to honour the Hindu Goddess MahaKali. The festival originates in the Telangana region in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

MahaKali – who has many arms that wield weapons showing her power – is honoured mostly by women, who bring offerings of food and dancing. Men also participate in the festivities: male artists wear make-up and dresses to look like the Hindu God Hanuman and MahaKali herself. A couple of dwarf artists can also be seen in the pictures dressed as Potharaju, who is the brother of the Goddess.

The Goddess travels in the final procession in a goat-drawn chariot while all the participants and artists rally around her, putting on a brilliant display with color, fire and festivity. – Photos by agencies

Pictures Courtesy: Times of India

FITTING FINALE: Artistes perform during Bonalu celebrations at Akkanna Madanna temple in Hyderabad on Monday

HEARTBEATS OF TELANGANA: Drummers from different districts of Telangana and Andhra participate in ‘1,000 drummers meet’ organised by Arunodaya in support of Telangana state at Indira Park on Tuesday


Indian artists dressed up as the Hindu goddess MahaKali perform with fire in a street during the final procession of the eleven day traditional festival of Bonalu, a ritual offering to the goddess at Sri Akkanna Madanna Mahankali Mandiran in Hyderabad, on July 25, 2011. MahaKali is honored mostly by women during Bonalu festival by offerings of food and dancing. Photo by AFP/ Noah Seelam

Spiritual and Community Service Guru Lay in peace

Sathya Sai Baba movement
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Satya sai Baba and BHAGVAN to million around the world lay in peace after fighting with death nearly a month he gives up. His devotees from 144 countries in shock for the Guru was only expected to leave his physical body in his 96th year. With over 1500 Sathya Sai Centres in 114 countries across the globe His Holiness would be remembered as the saviour of many lives to who he provided Education, Livelihoods, food, medicines and most of all DRINKING WATER.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba , whose message of love, peace and humility, resonated with millions of people including politicians, dictators, businessmen and cricketers, breathed his last on Sunday. He was 85. (Times of India)

That all apart I love and am amused by the way in which he implemented various Social and community development projects only possible otherwise to a Government (well they never do it). Especially the mass rural water supply scheme an amazing piece of work that truly is divine for draught ridden and parched lands in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Prominent among the programmes is Sri Satya Village Integrated Programme (SSVIP) under which drinking water is provided to 212 villages in East Godavari district in a phased manner.

Another programme, the Sri Sathya Sai Drinking Water Project (SSSDWP), launched on January 20, 2008, covers 25 tribal-dominated villages in East and West Godavari districts, an official of the project said today. Under SSSDWSP, safe drinking water is supplied to about 452 upland and tribal habitations which traditionally are dependent upon drying bore wells and natural streams for water, he said.

As per the Trust, nearly 212 habitations with population of more than 2.20 lakh have benefited from the project in the East Godavari district.

Under the programme, a plant with capacity of 10.5 million litres of water per day (MLD), installed on river Godavari at Purushottapatnam village), pumps out clear water into a ground-level balancing reservoir from where it is supplied to the villages, a release issued by the Trust said.

Another plant on river Pamuleru in Kutravada village, pumps water into a treatment plant of 3.5 MLD capacity.
(Times of India)

Amazing fact atleast for me is the Bhagvan Satya sai Baba has no PR campaigns nor has he travelled abroad except only once and that too to UGANDA in 1968. Baba has survived 4 Heart attacks and several smear campaign by his critics.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba was the one who opened the path of love and compassion to millions of his devotees, spiritual leader Mata Amritanandamayi said. “Sathya Sai Baba’s life was his message. Each devotee should follow the path of love and compassion shown by Sathya Saibaba. That is the greatest tribute and affection anyone could offer him,” Amritanandamayi said in her message. (Source: Financial Express)

An avatar of compassion, love, and selfless service for all mankind,” yoga guru Baba Ramdev said on Sunday. “He made no distinction between human beings. Thousands of poor people undergo treatment at his super-specialty hospital in Puttapurthi free of cost. That is the ultimate sewa; for people who cannot afford expensive treatment. Sai Baba’s high ideals will show mankind the way for ages to come. His followers will always feel blessed with his emotional and spiritual proximity at all times,” he said. (Source: TOI)

Here is the statement issued by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

“Baba will continue to live in the hearts of millions of devotees. His message of ‘Love All and Serve All’ will resonate in the world forever. His messages have always been universal; especially his message of ‘Satya Dharma Shanti Prema’ which has transcended all barriers of caste and religion.” (Source: NDTV)

Among his noted followers are Dr Michael Oleinikof Nobel, a distant relative to Alfred Nobel, actor Amitabh Bachchan, cricketers Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble, politicians Shivraj Patil, Ashok Chavan, S M Krishna, M K Stalin and Chandrababu Naidu.

PHOTO: An Indian devotee offers prayers before portraits of Hindu holy man Sathya Sai Baba at Shivam temple in Hyderabad, India, April 24, 2011. Sai Baba, died Sunday morning in a hospital.

An Indian devotee offers prayers before portraits of Hindu holy man Sathya Sai Baba at Shivam temple in Hyderabad, India,April 24, 2011. Sai Baba, died Sunday morning in a hospital. Mahesh Kumar A./AP Photo

On woman’s day 50centsperiod

It’s an initiative brave, bold and worth every single possible way. Lorrie the one woman that’s behind the cause came up with the idea just the moment she started talking to the girl children from Govt run schools in rural Andhra Pradesh. Thank you and congratulations for taking the first step to reaching the girl child in rural areas Sister Lorrie, you are the best…..

In her own words from the website

Co-founded by Just Cause, Inc. and the LaVya Initiative, 50 Cents Period is more than a program. It is a worldwide movement to empower global sisterhood, by removing stigma and creating dialog around the natural process of menstruation and by providing each woman with the sanitary products and facilities she needs, in order to retain her dignity and engagement with life. What if 50 cents could change the future?

Local cost for sanitary products per girl is approximately Rs 20, or 50 cents per month. With the help of local ethnographer and friend Veeru Chowdhary and Venkat Reddy of the Gnana Saraswathi Foundation, Lorrie began this project on the spot, bringing the vision home to share with sisters in the USA—all it took was two.

Cleaning up after their book club one night in February 2011, Lorrie remarked to friends Ann VanSlyke  and Sarah Leahy about highlights from her trip to India, including of course, the 20 rupee/50 cent dilemma. A movement was born.

Lorrie L King came to India for a study of rural schools and their conditions so that LaVya foundation can move forward and make a difference. And here she goes .. touched / moved she launches a movement to make a difference in whatever humble way possible.

Although there is no data available on how hygiene- related issues affect education of girl students from poor families in Delhi, a study carried out recently by global information and measurement company AC Nielsen in association with NGO Plan India had thrown light on the dismal state of feminine hygiene care in India.

The study said about 68 per cent rural women in the country cannot afford sanitary napkins available in the market.

The survey said among the adolescent rural girls, 23 per cent (aged 12-18 years) discontinue studies due to inadequate sanitary facilities in schools.

Source: Times of india

  • basic health and feminine hygiene is very low, with 75 per cent rural women lacking adequate knowledge on menstrual hygiene and care.
  • 81 per cent rural women use unsterilised cloths since they are cheaper and 68 per cent said they cannot afford to buy sanitary napkins.
  • Adolescent girls in rural India are unable to attend up to 50 days of schooling in a year due to inadequate menstrual care, the report said.
    The nationwide survey was conducted in October on a sample size of 1,033 rural women and 151 gynaecologists.
  • 97 per cent gynaecologists surveyed believe that sanitary napkins can act as a preventive measure against reproductive tract infection
  • 64 per cent noted that it can act as a precautionary measure to reduce the risk of cervical cancer.
  • 45 per cent reuse cloth and 70 per cent dry them in shade
  • Of the 355 million menstruating women in India, only 12 per cent use sanitary napkins
  • 23 per cent (aged 12-18 years) discontinue studies due to inadequate sanitary facilities in schools.

This is what the movement is about….

• Providing sanitary products for women and girls in need
• Building toilets
• Providing incinerators
• Creating inter-generational dialog
• Fostering health education
• Building a global movement
• Empowering women
• Throwing Red Parties
• Wearing fabulous accessories
• Having a marvelous time
• Changing the world!

Freezed West and soaring life in India


Text fiend
Image by anarchytecture via Flickr
I Was talking to my friends David Spike, Jeremy greenup and Lorrie Lynn King who were on a fact-finding trip to India. They represent an Indian Non profit LaVya foundation (video) that wants to support Indian Govt Schools. And after the whole trip and loads of amusing, inspiring and revelatory chats they were excited about working in India and for India. The Slum visits and the talks with people most of them Internally displaced were enlightening and one of the topics that kept on popping out every time we visited  slum was the current price rise.
When it was time to leave the snow chaos was in the news and they were pretty dampened by the chaos the snow has created in Europe and back home in the west. Wish them a happy Christmas and reach home for Christmas.

And It’s no different in India, Hyderabad has been reeling under intense and record numbers of up to 8 degrees and weatherman say it would dip to 7. While Delhi and Amritsar are also at record temperatures, the rest of the country is still suffering from inflation due to the sky rocketing prices that started to threaten the New year celebrations. LPG Gas, Cooking oil, Onions and Other veggies are costing a bomb. The Govt claims that it’s not their fault and the Recent incessant floods in Haryana, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra are to be blamed. While the blame game continues with NDA and UPA and the 3rd front the common man is the victim. But who cares, the agriculture minister is casual enough to say it would take more than 3 weeks (well can’t blame him he is hands full with the BCCI and ICC money-making machines!?). And Rahul baba is busy defining the “aam aadmi” my be we all need gyan NOW from the latest baba. Can we blame any of them but ourselves for selecting and voting for them?!

The price of chicken has gone up from Rs 50-65 to Rs 80-98. Carrot, which was Rs 30 per kg a week ago, is now selling at Rs 40 per kg. Tomato is priced at Rs 32, which was Rs 20 a few days ago. Bitter gourd, which was priced at Rs 35 earlier, is now selling at Rs 40-45. The price of red chilly has gone up from Rs 20 to Rs 35.  According to the merchants, the hike is due to the shortage of vegetables caused by the decrease in production because of heavy rain in other states that supply vegetables to Kerala.

Read More at : Vegetable and commodity prices soar

The price of chicken has gone up from Rs 50-65 to Rs 80-98. Carrot, which was Rs 30 per kg a week ago, is now selling at Rs 40 per kg. Tomato is priced at Rs 32, which was Rs 20 a few days ago. Bitter gourd, which was priced at Rs 35 earlier, is now selling at Rs 40-45. The price of red chilly has gone up from Rs 20 to Rs 35.  According to the merchants, the hike is due to the shortage of vegetables caused by the decrease in production because of heavy rain in other states that supply vegetables to Kerala.

Read more: A bagful of onions for Mrs Manmohan Singh

What would Churchill say? The war-time leader's statue in Parliament Square was covered in snowWhat would Churchill say? The war-time leader’s statue in Parliament Square was covered in snowSource: Daily Mirror <p

Watching a wiered film

The other day rather bored to death and wanting some fresh air I walked up to the theatre next to the place I was sitting. Found this poster of YUGAANIKI OKKADU (One for the age meaning the saviour). The Plot based on the Shaiva and vaishnava wars in the Tamil kingdoms in particular and south India in general.

A rather less explored topic in Indian cinema and I decided to take the adventure not knowing the consequences. The recent films that have gained the audience’s favouritism also have belonged to this same genre the historic and mysterial. The other being MAGADHEERA and ARUNDHATI both my favs. The exemplary script and the graphics work made the films super success.

This one I thought would come somewhere near to the others that were playing at the back of my head. The first half atleast was rough and bearable but the second half made head spinning possible for a headless like me and could not take anymore.

The hero God knows what he is in the film for and doesnt have anything to do but for playing around the two heroines. The Heroine Reema sen is all over the film for no reason. No stunts no Music no script and yes load of money.

BTW I forgot to mention the movie is dubbed from tamil and worth not a penny.