Reuters video of floods and typhoons

I am just trying I mean experimenting the new feature from the Reuters video.. Don know it this will work…

UPdate: Seems like its not working oops Reuters.. better luck next time.

Japan and Taiwan feel the impact of typhoon Wipha as it tracks inland from the Pacific Ocean. The typhoon is expected to make landfall on the Chinese mainland south of the financial centre of Shanghai in the next 24 hours, according to the Tropical Storm Risk website.
Rivers in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka have been overflowing and forced many to move to makeshift houses on higher ground for the second time within a month. Waterborne diseases are spreading with more than 3,500 people reported sick over the weekend. Bangladesh has sought an initial 150 million U.S. dollars from donor agencies with 60 million dollars already pledged in immediate food and medical help.

2 thoughts on “Reuters video of floods and typhoons

  1. Lori

    The videos are working nicely, for me, Veeru…no problems. So sad that flooding is creating such hardship for so many people. So many areas of the world flood, and homes and lives are destroyed? What is the solution, if any? I hope that relief help comes soon for the people, and comes in abundance.

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